Discounts Ferry and Ships

Discounts and Last Minute for aircraft and ferries - Summer

The Valkarana Relais di Campagna and the Piccolo Golf participating in the "Sardinia riding high!"

For a cheap holiday in Sardinia and active, choose also a cheap offer for the ferry or plane for your trip. You can enjoy a week or just a weekend of intense relaxation, also saving something on the ferry or plane ride with your family. Special discounts throughout the summer season, from April to October, it also saves you the trip to Sardinia. Do you expect many new and many offers for you and for your holidays.

Book your holiday in Sardinia to Valkarana country Relais & Save up to 35% on your trip, by plane or ship. To take advantage of the proposal "Sardinia riding high", you need to request a quote on the official website of the Consortium Sardinia Tourism Services by filling out the form in all required parts. Afterwards you will be contacted from our hotel Valkarana, which will offer both the proposed hotel is one concerning the journey by ship or plane. After confirming the stay at Valkarana, you receive a promotional code for use on the site or by Tirrenia communicate the call-center Meridiana Fly.

After you receive all the documentation for both the stay and for the trip.

Do not miss this great opportunity !!!

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