Excursions in Sardinia

The Valkarana country hotel, 4 star hotel with swimming pool, solarium and restaurant, will give a cue to your ideas for itineraries that will accompany you throughout your holiday stay here in Sardinia. Between packages, special offers, last minute, you can discover all the themes of tours, trips, guides and outputs, also on the Liscia lake, just where overlook our rooms.

Without borders and with fun, you discover new places and saw this our island of Sardinia, and also try new emotions, always tempted by the curiosity of those who explores.

Here next to us, you will learn the times are also terrific. First of all, and very well known, is the Tempio, surrounded by the scenery unique, surrounded by nature more rustic and unspoiled. You can admire and photograph its majestic spiers of granite that have as background the mountain Aggius. A lovely stay with holiday packages or for your holidays, including economic low cost in Sardinia during the spring / summer. Tempio is also well known as "stone town", thanks to the majestic granite and low houses that are very special and fascinating.

Require plans and maps of northern Sardinia to our staff or reception: we can advise you on the best tour during your holiday in Sardinia!! Stages that always advise our customers and guests, are: a visit to Tempio and also the St. Peter's Square, its cathedral, and finally the Avenue of the Fonte Nuova, which leads to the sources of Rinagghju.

Archaeological sites and much more during your visit on holiday in Sardinia for next summer! Day Trips happily fill your days of vacation, relaxing and making you love this island; Peace and tranquility will be on the agenda.

Just from Valkarana country Relais always start guides and experts will accompany you along paths, trips, excursions, themed itineraries...

You can choose, of course, between a simple and quick tour of a few hours or even for the true lovers, even a whole day: motorcycles, quads, jeeps, mountain biking, horseback riding, fishing canoes and kayaks, and there You end up in a short time between the mountains and the hills of Sardinia, or on things clean the Liscia lake, or even on the coast of crystalline Costa Smeralda. Paths of Mediterranean colors and scents ... the best ingredients of your summer vacation!

Excursions to Liscia lake Gallura

An active vacation for the whole family
  • Boat trip
    to the Liscia lake
  • Nuraghe Majori
    in Gallura
  • Green train
    Hiking with children
  • Ethnographic Museum
    in Gallura - Sardinia
  • Nuraghe La Prisgiona
    near Lake Liscia
  • And more!