Liscia Lake

The Valkarana Relais country lies right on the shores of Lake Liscia, northeast of the beautiful island of Sardinia.

Lake Liscia is a reservoir in the heart of Gallura, was born in the '60s, after the construction of the dam of the river Liscia and is embraced by the countries of Sant'Antonio di Gallura, Luras, Arzachena and Luogosanto.

Along Lake Liscia can make day trips during a holiday with family and your children, enjoy intense days and outdoor walks, have picnics under the old olive trees and oaks.

A holiday along Lake Liscia is ideal for those who enjoy hiking, fishing, bird watching.

During your stay in Sardinia to Valkarana country Relais 4 star hotel with swimming pool, a traditional restaurant and sun, you will learn all the opportunities for excursions and trips with family and children now also attract many foreign tourists.

Plus the Gallura, Sardinia and, more generally, are magnificent inland areas, rich in flavors and traditions that color the island, a unique land. Guests can experience the culture, archeology, history and museums, the sea, the hills and the hills, the vegetation of our Sardinia. But our tastes, our traditions and our dishes.

Excursions to the Lake Liscia

The Valkarana Relais country in the heart of Gallura, you can immerse yourself in the pristine nature of Sardinia to enjoy intense days in walks and tours that will accompany you throughout your stay.

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Catch & Release on Lake Liscia

The Liscia lake is a lake that is located in Sardinia / Costa Smeralda, where you can appreciate the rich and varied vegetation, enjoy the beautiful weather, the unspoiled nature, relax and fish. In this lake you can practice CATH AND RELEASE (grab and leaves) NO KILL.

The Smooth is abundantly populated by largemouth bass, black bass, pike and other varieties of fish such as catfish and carp. These carp thanks to the quality of water are healthy and vibrant.

The relay Valkarana offers excellent cuisine and affordable accommodation for those who want to make a weekend in relax. And 'it required to show membership card.

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What to visit in Gallura

Sardinia is known for being one of the most famous islands in the world for its pure waters and white sand... but not many know that Sardinia is an island rich in history, traditions and culture...

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