Strada del Gusto north Sardinia

Strada del Gusto - Costa Smeralda

During your stay at Valkarana Relais country, you will have the opportunity to discover all the flavors, culinary traditions and the aromas that characterize our island. Specialties that are handed down with care and love from generation to generation, to make known, in fact, all its colors. Many offers and packages for living a relaxing, yet active here in Sardinia.

Book your holidays with the family for the next summer here in the Liscia lake, near Cala di Volpe.

You will learn about the famous Strada del Gusto, which is the first product club of Sardinia, specializing in hospitality for fans and lovers of typical products. This stay here, it will offer a unique experience in an environment where it is possible to increase their knowledge of local products.

A wide range of flavors and colors, tastes typical Sardinian, a relaxed atmosphere that only here during your vacation, you can discover and live to the full.

The geographical features of Sardinia and its climate, mild winter, in fact favor the development of a cuisine of strong flavors and healthy ingredients and genuine, that form the basis for all our dishes, served also within our Restaurant Valkarana with relay, 4-star resort on the lake Liscia.

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Strada del Gusto - Northern Sardinia

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