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Catch & Release


An unmissable destination

for engaging in sustainable fishing

The beauty of its shores and its wide variety of fish species make Lake Liscia an ideal place for sport fishing. In particular, the kind most often carried out is linked to the sustainable catch and release technique. Guests who want to indulge in sport fishing will find everything they need at Valkarana. The Hotel not only boasts 50 hectares of land with private access to the lake, it also offers the possibility to rent boats.

Catch & Release

a sustainable fishing philosophy

Catch & Release is a fishing technique whereby the fish is not killed but is let go again into the water, as a sign of civility and respect for the environment. In fact, scientific studies have shown that released fish not only survive for a long time but can even be captured multiple times. The environmental impact of the fishermen who practice this technique is almost nil, and the experience of sport fishing is combined with the happiness of seeing the animal free again.


The rules to follow:

Use single and barbless hooks, so as not to endanger the survival of the fish.
Retrieve and unhook the fish quickly: Fish can only survive out of the water for a few minutes, and this time should ideally be reduced to a few seconds.
The fish should be released while it is still in the water. If the fish is brought up to the shore when we reel it in, we could cause other injuries, especially if it is sandy or stony.
Handle the fish gently with wet hands.
If the fish is exhausted, it should not be let go immediately: it must be kept in the water by holding it with your hands against the current. Moving it a little back and forth allows water and therefore oxygen to enter its gills, and it should only be released when it starts to move by itself, as it tries to free itself.
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