The Valkarana country Relais is located exactly on the shores of Lake Liscia, north east of the beautiful island of Sardinia.

The Liscia Lake is an artificial basin right in the heart of Gallura, born in the 1960s, after the construction of the Liscia river dam and is embraced by the towns of Sant'Antonio di Gallura, Luras, Arzachena and Luogosanto.

Along the Liscia lake it is possible to make daily excursions during a vacation with the family and their children, enjoy intense days and walks in the open air, have a picnic under the millenary olive trees and holm oaks.

A holiday along the Liscia lake is ideal for those who love hiking, fishing and bird watching.

During your stay in Sardinia at the Valkarana country Relais, 4-star hotel with swimming pool, typical restaurant and solarium, you will have the opportunity to know all the opportunities for excursions and trips with family and children that now also attract many foreign tourists.

Moreover, Gallura and Sardinia in general are magnificent areas of the hinterland, rich in flavors and traditions that color the island, a unique land. You will get to know the culture, the archeology, the history and the museums, the sea, the hills and hills, the vegetation of our Sardinia. But also our flavors, our traditions and our dishes.

Lago del Liscia, Località Lu Lioni,
07030 Sant'Antonio di Gallura (OT)
+39 079 668019
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+39 393 4679480 (info hotel da ottobre a maggio)
+39 349 1449132 (info ristorante da ottobre a maggio)
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